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Terms and Conditions


All our prices do NOT include VAT.

1. Purpose of the site
This site, listed below under the term "Tarot Nadia Lopes" offers a fun and remote service of various divination and esoteric through free or paid services. These are purely informative recreational services for which it is up to the user to assess the entertainment nature without any commitment on the part of the site author.

Both written and verbal content are for informational purposes only.

It is up to the person who wishes to register on the site in order to exchange by Email or consult by telephone or any other paying means, to inform themselves in advance of the precise amounts to be paid, the terms of payment, the right of withdrawal before initiating any request.

Priced services are available for people over the age of 18 who are legally capable. In addition, “Tarot Nadia Lopes” does not authorize the use of the services by residents of the country, state or province where these services are prohibited by law. You certify that the information given to "Tarot Nadia Lopes" during registration is true and complete. "Tarot Nadia Lopes" will not be responsible for any false declaration made during registration.

If due to technical problems from "Tarot Nadia Lopes" you cannot take advantage of the tariffed service that you paid for, you will get a full refund. Please note that a response to a question asked by Email will normally be made within 48 hours on working days.


2. Acceptance of the General Conditions of Use and Sale

Any access and/or use of this website implies acceptance and compliance with all the Terms and Conditions below and their total acceptance. If the user does not wish to accept all or part of the general conditions below, he is expressly asked not to use the service. It is up to the user to regularly consult these general conditions on the site currently online.

By using this site, you unambiguously accept the following terms and conditions:

  1. I am an adult who is at least 18 years old and legally capable.

  2. I understand that the content on this site and all predictions are for entertainment purposes only.

  3. I am not from a country, state or province, which may prohibit astrological and / or esoteric content, reports, information and access to telephone services, live "chat" or consultations by e -mail.

  4. I acknowledge and accept that advertising or solicitation in any form and on any part of the site without the written authorization of "Tarot Nadia Lopes" is prohibited and will be continued.

  5. I guarantee that I will only use "Tarot Nadia Lopes" for lawful purposes.



3. Registration for the service

You have the possibility of registering on the site via the questionnaire or questionnaires integrated into the site. The information you leave on the site allows you to get to know yourself better in order to better meet your expectations. The information you leave will not be rented, sold to third parties. Thus, if you do not wish to leave certain information, you are implicitly asked not to complete the questionnaire and not to send this information.



4. Conclusion of the online contract

The Customer must follow a series of specific steps to be able to place their order. The steps described below are systematic:

  1. Information on packages: by "Tarot Nadia Lopes"

By the customer:

  1. Choice of package.

  2. Acceptance of these General Conditions of Sale.

  3. Verification of the elements of the order and, if necessary, correction of errors.

  4. Follow the instructions for payment.

After validation of the online payment, the Customer will receive confirmation by email of the payment of the order, as well as an acknowledgment of receipt of the order confirming it. By return email the Customer will send his photos and questions to "Tarot Nadia Lopes" who will process his request within 48 hours in working days, except in exceptional events.

For the purpose of order fulfillment, the Customer undertakes to provide truthful identification elements. "Tarot Nadia Lopes" reserves the right to refuse an order, for example for any abnormal request or made in bad faith.



5. Unsubscribe

The site can suspend, terminate, modify, refuse access to a user account without having to justify it in any way whatsoever. The user undertakes not to use this site for illegal purposes, in particular by diverting content, a registered trademark, or by writing a defamatory, anti-commercial message, contrary to public decency or public order.

The site therefore reserves the right to take legal action against the user.


6. Special conditions for consultations

The user undertakes to consult Nadia Lopes in good faith. Thus, he undertakes not to ask the professional consulted for his personal details, to ask him for illegal services or services which are contrary to the code of ethics, to ask him for advice or information relating to regulated professions (health, law, etc.). In addition, the user agrees not, under penalty of prosecution, to ask the professional consulted for services outside the services of "Tarot Nadia Lopes".

Also, the user undertakes not to record or use the exchanges between him and the professional consulted or even between another person and the professional (during telephone consultation).

The user is again informed of the playful nature of the practice of divinatory arts.

"Tarot Nadia Lopes" does not guarantee that Nadia Lopes will be able to provide the information or advice requested by customers. But she will strive to do so to the best of her ability.



7. User commitments

Before undertaking a paid consultation, the user acknowledges having sufficient financial means to pay the amount.

He also recognizes that he is not in the process of over-indebtedness or any other aspect that could prevent him from paying the amount of the consultation undertaken.

The user acknowledges being aware that the use of the Tarot Nadia Lopes services is not recommended in the event of depression, just as any form of addiction should be avoided and do not hesitate to consult an addiction professional in use cases that the user considers excessive of the services offered.

You, as the sole user, are responsible for the use of the services offered.

Remember that clairvoyance cannot guide your life, and that it is you who remain the sole master of your destiny.



8. Information concerning finances

The client may not ask - whether verbally or in writing - for advice and assessments regarding investments or the purchase and / or sale of securities or real estate securities.



9. Information concerning health.

The information given by Nadia Lopes on health matters is general and is used for entertainment purposes only. The operator does not provide health advice or any other medical service. Psychics cannot provide medical care or prescribe medication. By using "Tarot Nadia Lopes" the Customer undertakes not to request one of these services. If there are serious health problems the client should consult a doctor, or the nearest hospital.



10. Disputes and fraudulent uses

Except in the event of proven and proven fraudulent use, the user does not oppose payment for the consultation even if he is not satisfied with the service provided by "Tarot Nadia Lopes".



11. Intellectual property and protection of personal data

The full content, brands, texts, certain photos are the property of "Tarot Nadia Lopes". They cannot be reproduced partially or completely without authorization of the owners of the site under penalty of legal proceedings. The same applies to any use of the site's source codes, links, domain name, etc. Any user acknowledges that they do not use, copy, reproduce, download, modify, distribute, transmit, use commercially, distribute, use, etc. in any way or medium whatsoever all or part of the pages, photos, brands, computer codes ... of the site or belonging to its owners.

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