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Tarot, Clairvoyant and Cartomancy

You have the power to transform your life from your inner energy.

Tarologa Nadia - Portimão, Portugal. Tarot, Clairvoyant and Cartomancy


Tarologa Nadia

+351 910914910


With my help you will overcome obstacles and everything will improve.

My family has been linked to esotericism since 1604. Historically my great aunt was the "witch" of Arruda dos Vinhos and I followed some of her methods which have given me my gift since childhood.

As a medium, I hear my entities and my guides, giving me information such as first names, messages for the querent.

It is often disturbing, but ads to my consultations, it is a simple spiritual communication.

I am like my sisters and brothers: the common thread with our deceased.

This mission was given to me at birth, so I put this skill at your service.


Clairvoyance are visions showing me quickly 

  • situations

  • people

  • fairly specific events


It may come and go very quickly because it sometimes happens that the flashes are superimposed and that I do not have time to interpret them but despite everything, it always becomes clearer and I manage to always interpret them precisely because I can see the colors, the shapes...

Clairvoyance with photos

Placing my fingers on a photograph triggers:

  • flashes

  • feelings of cold or heat


This will give me details on other facets of the person's life on the photo.

Taraloga Nadia Portimao Portugal Tarot.j

A time factor

Tarots are fabulous objects of divination, giving me additional information, landmarks and astrological signs, which I use to locate events in time.

I have always used the Thoth tarot of Mr. Aleister Crowley (1875-1947).

"The Tarot is a pictorial representation of the Forces of Nature which tell us that they concise the Elders according to a conventional symbolism. The first, one could assume that this provision is abstract, more in this country. It is necessary, as we will see, in the structure of the world, and in particular in the Solar System,as symbolizes in the Saint Qabale."
Aleister Crowley

I use it because I appreciate its particular energy very much.




Taraloga Nadia Algarve Portugal online T

Telephone Consultation

10am to 8pm


Online Consultation

reply in 48 hours

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Consultation at my Office

By Appointment only

Privacy and secrecy guaranteed

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